Cool Roofs – Keeping Tucson Cool

Tucson based provider of Cool Roofs (aka reflective roof coatings, solar cool roofs) and other energy-saving home-performance improvements

A Cool Roof uses the same principles as an attic barrier and other insulation improvements to effectively regulate your home’s temperature. It reflects the suns energy away from a building and keeps it cool – resulted in a lessened need to run energy hungry central A/C units.

How Does it Work?

roof-coatingsYou’re probably aware that white surfaces absorb and retain less heat than dark surfaces. The vast majority of reflective roof coatings are a bright white color, although colored reflective coatings are also beginning to emerge. This is because color is not the only factor responsible for making cool roof coatings effective.

The roof coating material also has an extremely high emissivity – meaning it does not retain heat, but radiates it away. This is the same property that allows other insulation improvements like attic insulation and radiant barriers so effective. Rather than a dark shingled roof retaining heat and radiating it through the structure of the home, the reflective and highly emissive roof coatings radiate heat away from the home/building and absorb as little as possible.

The Benefits of Having a Cool Roof

  • Cools the surface of your roof-top by up to 100 degrees, in turn reducing heat transfer to the home or building.
  • Saves you money – reduces the steep electrical cost associated with constant use of a central air conditioner.
  • Protects your roof and increases it’s lifespan by reflecting damaging ultra-violet rays.
  • Reduces the energy load on your central air conditioner, thus increasing its lifespan.
  • Liquid coating makes for a visually appealing finish that is even and seamless.
  • For tax purposes, this improvement may be deductible as property maintenance – consult your tax professional.
  • Make a positive environmental impact with a more efficient home and a smaller carbon footprint.