Concrete coatings are special resins (most often polyurethane or epoxy) that when properly applied create an impenetrable coating, or layer on cement preventing the transmission of water and contaminants while at the same time keeping the structure safe. Installation of resinous flooring is commonly used for sealing, waterproofing, repairing, restoration and resurfacing of concrete. Flexible polymer coatings are used on multi story and pre-cast cement structures such as parking ramps and mechanical rooms, waterproofing the levels below and protecting against chemicals and physical abuse. Oil, Salt and other chemicals can cause damage to structures, especially in high traffic areas. Resinous floor coatings can be used to prevent, reduce and repair damage in such areas. The most common types of Resinous flooring systems include epoxy coating, epoxy resurfacer or epoxy mortar, urethane coating, urethane mortars, polyurea, as well as polyaspartic coating application.

By focusing on cost-effective coating technology that protects the environment while protecting concrete surfaces, we provides users with safe, long-term epoxy flooring & finishing protection that reduces maintenance and expenses.